Leif Adamsson
    Leif Adamsson - The Dreamer of the Light

    When I first saw Leif Adamsson's paintings I thought
    of silver rings, of soft winds caressing my cheek, of vast
    open light above me the sky arching overhead with
    overflowing sunlight. I felt how the artist does this simple, but at
    the same time difficult work, letting colour become a symphony,
    an orchestra of sound caressing and also beating against the mind.

    Leif Adamsson has got light clanging in his soul. Even
    though he lets his colours glitter like silver and gold he
    sometimes gives dramatic touches to his paintings. The
    lasting impression of this artist is that of an intermediary
    of light.

    I suppose it must be a question of inner longing. I
    don't think he just confines himself to reproducing impressions.
    No, it's more about creating songs in the shape of pictures.
    A pictures of life as he lives it and the experienees he has,
    and the heaven he longs for.

    There is a primitiveness in Leif Adamsson's painting
    that hovers over dark waters. His blond painting about
    the power of light lingers in my mind. I feel the same
    sort of mild intoxication by his pictures as I feel by a glass
    of white wine on a boiling hot day."

    From catalogue text by art critic,
    Å Stålnacke,
    Malmoe, Sweden.

    "Leif Adamsson richly impastoed figure paintings are
    another revelation with their frosty pastel hues and
    strong compositional tensions."

    Claude LeSuer, art critic ART'SPEAK New York,
    concerning Leif Adamsson exhibition at Gallery Art .54, New York

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*)My works were accepted to be shown in the Art '95 Gallery Display Stand during the "Top 70" Winners' Exhibition!Judged by respected jurors from renowned museums throughout the United States.Art '95 International Art Competition.