Philosophical Statement

I strive to visualize an inner reality -the creative process whose source is
everything's origin and inspiration.

My pictures give a description of the massive force of Nature in tones
and volumes.The compositions have a meditative language of colour
which accentuates man's longing for liberation.
Leif Adamsson

" It's a question of forming and creating in pictures expressive,dynamic and
yet meditative poems about man's need of beauty,contemplation and
mental freedom."

(Quotation from Stig Åke Stålnacke,Art critic.
My exhibition at gallery Jane de Verner, Malmoe, Sweden-87.)

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  Art Reviews

Leif Adamsson's motives can only be imagined...
Heaven and sea,but also city pictures and indoor pictures,everything on the line of
the abstract art... It's distance and light,vibrations and experiences,meditative tones and mental
liberation the paintings above all want to capture.

Gunilla Lindström,SVD(Sydsvenska Dagbladet)

Leif Adamsson's blond soul.
At once you see the big exhibition you feel it's a blond mind
that hovers over the artistry...the pictures exist just for one thing:to give us
the pictures exist just for one thing:to give us observers a feeling of light,of hope,of
force of life.

If you take painting more seriously than decorations,you'll soon see in Adamsson how the
searching for light becomes a mania and a philosophy of life.
Against dark,against gloom,against threat and perhaps against
evil he gives evidence of colouring sublimity,of virtually crystal ringing,
which can give an expression of diamond or other precious stones.
If I draw the consequences I could regard Adamsson's pictures as altarpieces of some kind of
light and hope.

...There is something sensuel in his way of working that stimulates the paintings...

This is characteristic for Adamsson's art and exhibition in Skåne(Scania), the touch of light soul and blond feeling.
In the 60's in Gothenburg there was an artist who was going to be a Swedish
classic and a legend in Swedish art life.
His name was Viking Svensson.He died 13 years ago.
What characterized a great part of Viking Svensson's art was
the colouring treatment and there was often
a ringing of gloomy and metallic song in his pictures.
The same tone of clearness,of light,
revelation and intoxication is now glimmering in Adamsson's
pictures at the library of BJärred in Skåne(Scania).

Stig-Åke Stålnacke,art critic,Smp(Smålandsposten)-92


"When life is difficult and things get dark,black and hard to bear
I think of that painting that has given me comfort and hope.
I feel the wind that Leif Adamsson has caught and transformed with vision and heart.
It gives me the will to live,or,in any case,to rest in for a while.
This much art can sometimes offer.
Not more than that.Never more than that.
But it's enough so that a window for tenderness and maybe love
can be opened.

Even if it's just ajar
I see a glimpse of hope in this painting.
I can't tell what society needs most of all right now.
I don't know what's salable in the
market of culture now.I don't care to know it either.
But I know it's hard for people to go on and endure without
a song of devotion in their hearts.

Leif Adamsson is humming that song.
In verse after verse,in painting after painting.
Feverishly and with starlight Leif Adamsson is tacking to the fabric of our dreams."

Stig-Åke Stålnacke. Art critic,Malmoe,Sweden.

ART REVIEW(Gallery Art -54,Soho,New York).

Leif Adamsson's thickly impastoed figure paintings are another
revelation,with their frosty pastel hues and strong compositional tensions.

Claude leSuer, Art critic,New York-94.